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    Question Help with table design for college results database

    I'm new to the forum, have a basic knowledge of databases, but need some help with the best way to structure a results database for the college I work in. The database is as follows:
    The college has many students.
    Each student is enrolled in 16 Classes.
    Each Class has many assignments. Each Assignment has 5 possible results: D, M, P, U and R.
    When all of the results have been input I need to be able to output 2 different types of reports.
    The first is a report on each individual student, listing each Class, it's Assignments and the results achieved.
    The second report is for each individual Class, listing all of the students enrolled in that Class, all of the assignments completed by the students and the results that each student achieved in those assignments.

    I'm not sure how many tables I need and how to relate them.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Mick See

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    Please post the assignment as you got it from your professor or TA. You've done a good job of paraphrasing it, but you've missed some important details. It is possible that these details may have been discussed in class and may not be in your assignment document.

    It would help a great deal if we knew what class you are taking and at what school. That would help us understand what you are expected to learn from this exercise.

    If you want to get value from your experience, you should probably start working on the assignment yourself, and ask us specific questions instead of generic questions like "I'm not sure how many tables I need and how to relate them"... Then we could see your line of thinking, your progress as the assignment develops, etc.

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    More details

    Hi Pat,
    thanks for the reply. Apologies for my lack of clarity. I am actually the head of the media department in the college. Up to now our results have been recorded on paper. For our external examiners we have to record the grades twice, on two different forms. I want to create a database to allow staff to fill in the grades once but with the ability to output both forms. I have attached the two forms so you can see what I'm talking about. Each student has a "mastersheet" which contains all of their grades for all assignments in all Courses. The Course Results sheet records the grades of all students within a particular Course.

    Apart from the Course Titles, Assignment Titles and Grades etc., the only other fields I need to include are "Student Name" and "Student ID". Is it possible to create this without having to make a separate database for each student?

    Thanks again.

    Course Results Sample.docMastersheet Sample.pdf

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