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    Unanswered: export oracle "password column" to postgres


    how to export oracle users table with password column to PostgreSQL ?


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    Short answer: you can't

    While you can export the contents of the users table into a CSV file, there is no way you can get the password in plain text.

    But having the users as a CSV file won't help you anyway, because you need to run the appropriate CREATE USER statement in Postgres in order to create a user.

    What you could do is to run a SQL statement in Oracle that generates the CREATE USER statement - but this is only possible without the password.

    Something like:
    select 'create user '||username||' with password ''supersecret'';'
    from dba_users
    Spool the output of that statement into a file, then run that SQL script in Postgres.

    You will have to change the password for each user manually after that (or let each user do that by her/himself)
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    yes that's what I thought also

    Thanks for your reply

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