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    Unanswered: db2jcc4 resultset.getBytes Exception


    i recently update my db2 jdbc driver to version 4 (db2jcc4), my column type is VARCHAR and it fill with cp1256(Windows-1256) strings...
    before than update db2jcc to version 4 , it work correctlly (resultset.getBytes("myColumnName"))...

    after update db2jcc to version 4, resultset.getBytes("myColumnName") throw SQLSyntaxErrorException Invalid Data Conversion Wrong result Column Type For Requested Conversion, Error Code -4461, SQLSTATE 42815

    please help me...

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    There are several possible causes for this symptom. Post more details: your DB2-server version+fixpack+operating-system, your db4jcc4.jar driver version, your database encoding , the table-encoding (if not default), the query being run (whose result-set collection results in the exception).
    If you want to dig deeper, enable Jdbc trace at your client side and check what is happening under the covers.

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