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    Unanswered: Count Of Records in a Report

    i have a report with columns for each day of the week, each day has a number and also a calculated field that sums all of the days in the week. Is there a way to have a text box that just gives me a count of the records where the field [Total] is less than 40. i have tried
    but this always returns the same total count of records. I have this text box in the report header, maybe i'm not putting this in the right place? I can do this with conditional formatting just fine but i want to display the number at the top of my report as well has highlight the records that don't meet the conditional formatting.

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    Either do this using the domain function DCOUNT
    Do it the harder, but ultimately more flexible approach via code. Doing it via code is more complex, more prone to developer errors but may also be better for performance in a big complex report
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