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    Can a MS SQL DBA Survive in EU?

    Curious if SQL Server is in-demand (I hate saying that phrase too) if I were to decide to maybe live in Germany or Holland for a few years. Anyone know what the market is as far as reliable DBA gigs where my primary skill set is < 2 yrs SQL Server only?

    I currently live in Orlando and the tech industry is fairly booming here for lack of better term. I do really invision my self living over seas for maybe a decade since I have no kids and there is nothing else I really rather due than stare at T-SQL all day.

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    Yes, there is strong demand for SQL Server DBAs in most of Europe.

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    Working in Europe isn't always easy. I'm a DBA with over 20 years of experience and lived in the Netherlands, UK, and Ireland. I found it difficult to find work in both the Netherlands and UK even though I hold a British and American passport. The Netherlands has work but a good number of these jobs require knowledge of Dutch. The UK is not so easy either because it's a small job market with lots of local talent. Ireland is much the same market wise as the UK. I was able to find work as a DBA in Ireland, but that was 2008-2011. I didn't need a visa so I guess that helped. Might want to submit your resume to a few agencies in the EU and see what kind of feedback you get. Good luck!

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