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    Angry Unanswered: Access Database forms not working properly - possible issue with Visual Basic


    I am doing some work on a very old Microsoft Access database. It was probably built using Access 97!

    Because of the lack of sophistication of Access then, all of the actions of the database are triggered using a single VB file with subroutines.

    This database was copied to my server which meant that initially all of the connections to the database tables were routing to the wrong directory. I upgraded the old database to Access 2013, and I have rerouted all of the table locations which means that everything in the database front end and back end connect correctly.

    However, all of the Visual Basic routines are still not working, which means that whenever I push a button on the database to open a form, nothing happens.

    I don't know enough about VB to work out how to fix this. Do I have to alter the code somehow, or is there somewhere in Access I need to alter to get the code working properly again?


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    A 2013, problems with code, works with versions before a2007?
    Almoat certainly a trust issue
    Make sure the db is in a trusted directory, or is trusted
    Enable macros and code
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