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    Unanswered: Generating reorder forms from master inventory list

    Good morning! I should preface this thread by stating that I have never used Access a day in my life. I can work comfortably within Excel's basic functions and am just now starting to design/code simple VBA userforms. Point is, I'm new to all of this, so please have patience with my ignorance.

    I work for a restaurant supply company as a sales assistant/customer service but I'm trying to revamp some of our outdated and inefficient processes. Currently I'm trying to tackle the mess that is our Reorder guides. We have a separate Excel file set up for each of our customers with a basic list of the item codes and descriptions of inventory that is regularly ordered, and a column for Par and quantity ordered, plus a simple header and formatting to make it look presentable. The problem is that we have over 100 of these files and any time an item number or description changes we have to go through each file individually. Additionally, there are a lot of minor inconsistencies between the order forms. I'm hoping Access can solve these issues.

    With that out of the way, here's what I'm trying to accomplish. I want to be able to export a customer specific reorder guide from a master inventory list. The reorder guides should be able to be sorted by Category, ie glassware, disposables etc, and also "sheet to shelf" for the customer's convenience. Is Access the right tool for this? How should I proceed? Any and all information is much appreciated.

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    can Access do this... yes
    can you do this in Access in a reasonable timeframe to an acceptable standard and budget... dunno. depends on your skillsets, your ability to learn and do.

    first hing to do is to encapsualte what the problem / business requirement is. and by that its not just the current immediate problem but where else you see this developing

    then develop your data model

    then develop your reports

    then repeat / refine as neccessary till you have the answer you are looking for

    presumably some of your data must already exist electronically. you'd need to investigate how that is stored and can it be directly accessed by your proposed application, or worst case indirectly (ie import into an intermediary db)
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