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    Unanswered: I can increase the PHP limit my server to 3GB?


    My site database has 1.9 GB.

    PHP limit my server is 512 MB.

    This may be causing my site problems?

    I can increase this limit to 3000 MB? I can cause some trouble for doing this?

    The limits of my server:

    CPU 4 Cores

    RAM 14 GB

    Disk Storage: 1000 GB

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    As far as Im aware there is no intrinsic limit inside PHP on database size.
    there are some limits on MySQL, but usually thats an artificat of what operating system you are using to host the db server. suggests that thsie range form 2GB to 16TB.

    ISP's often limit server sizes within a costing model. IE you can have unlimited space if you pay more. so you need toto talk to whoever hostsd your website and find waht they can do. if they can't time to move hosts

    increasing a db server size by that sort of amount could have a significant impact on other hardware areas

    bear in mind sizing a db server so that it makes good use of available resources can be a black art. you need to know where the bottlenecks in performance are.

    is it time related (ie are there specific times of the dsat when the server gets clogged
    is it network related (is your network infrastructure up to the job)
    is it server (either web/php server) limited through inadeequate processor/memory/other factos
    is it server (db server) limited through inadeequate processor/memory/other factors.
    is the network connection from web to db server as fast as possible/required)
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