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    Unanswered: Migrating to MySQL

    Hello friends,
    I have an access database with 37 tables and some tables have relationships and also have Queries now i want to upgrade my database from Access to MySQL, i tried lot of tools but nothing works for me to convert my database with relationship and queries into views is there any free tool that will help to convert it or any can convert it for me,

    tools which i already used.

    1. MySQL WorkBench
    2. DBconvert access to MySQL

    ESF iMigration toolkit works for me but its converting access queries into tables and relationships are also not working in it

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    I've used dbtools in the past
    but be aware that migrations tools are only part of the story in a successfull migration
    you need to make certain that the column datatypes are appropriate
    you need to think about your design in terms of what works for the new platform. fersintance you may want to re think Access concepts such as validation rules and instead use constraints.
    you may also want to explore using triggers and views
    you may need to rethink query design
    if you are proposing to continue using an Access front end/user interface (forms/reports) to leverage the power of a server db you will need to rethink your forms and reports.
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