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    Unanswered: Mysql table relationships

    I am just wondering if the following tables look correct. I need to be able to create an invoice that includes equipment rental, services, and any bills submitted by a contractor. So for subs I made another table called subProjects to account for their bill. For Equipment I added InvoiceLineEquip to get the number of days on the job. I added service details to be able to add the Per_units, (100 sqft. 50, linearFt., etc.. These 3 tables get connected to a table called invoice. Does everything look correct as it is? Or perhaps I should drop the invoice table and have these three get connected to the projects table. Ultimately this is all going to be used for a small VB application. Click image for larger version. 

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    9 views and no replies? If it's a bad question or something please let me know.

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    Short of knowing the requirement in detail its tricky for anyone to give a valid judgement that 'things look correct'
    Work through your requirements
    Put in sone rest data, prove your assumptions and assertions hold.

    Personally i wouldnt have tied everything into invoice, but instead have allocated the tools equipment and supplies to a project work entity. Then raised the invoice from that.

    This has a whiff of assignment to it, so I guess, like others im not minded to spend much time answering validation / approval questions. If you've got a specific problem ask away. If in effect you want your assessment pre marking to improve grades forget it.
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