I have a very strange issue with MySQL/mysqldump.

A msqldump database dump suddenly increased in size from 16 MB to 479 MB literally within an hour.

I restored the original 16 MB database, immediately dumped it again, and again the dump size was immediately 479 MB.

I browsed the database in phpMyAdmin and the table and total database sizes are all as expected accounting for a 16 MB database size.

Then I opened and browsed the dump file and discovered that the dump also included the data of another, much larger database located on the same server and that the total of the two databases was indeed the 479 MB.

I then used the command line to check the size of the database and it listed at 479 MB instead of the correct size, again reflecting the size of both databases.

Question - how can 2 totally separate databases become linked in this way and what can I do to fix it?

Thanks very much.