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    Unanswered: Filter List based on row value

    Apologies if is simple but has me stuck last few days. New to access so may be something I'm missing.

    Trying to create a drop down list that is filtered based on previous field in table row. ie, what AEattendance the clinic list applies to but only show attendances relating to that patient.


    Table1 - AEattend

    AEDepartmentRef (primarykey)
    PatientNHSFK (uniquefk)

    table2 - AmbCareAttend

    AmbCareRef (PK)
    PatientNHSFK (uniquefk)
    AEDepartmentRef (foreignkey) (this one to be a list box but only display attendances related to previous patientnumber)

    Currently the list shows attendances for every patient. If put criteria under list of =[AmbCareAttendence]![PatientNHSFK] will ask for the number but then lock it in for the rest of the inputs in table.

    Cheers for your help.

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    You filter items on the CURRENT record. The current record cannot see the previous record.
    Youd have to write code.

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