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    Unanswered: Difference between connecting to an instance using sqlplus and the applilcation


    Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit
    SQL*Plus: Release

    Hope someone can help me understand the difference between connecting to a db instance using different sqlplus and an application.

    I can connect to the db instance using a pair of user credentials using sqlplus but not via the application.

    sqlplus username/password

    Ironically, I have a second pair of user credentials which I can use to connecto to the db instance using the application but not using sqlplus.

    sqlplus second username/password

    (Note: sqlplus second username/password@hostnameB port/SID works!!)

    What could be different between the 2 user credentials?

    How can I troubleshoot why I can't connect to the DB instance using the application using the first pair of credentials??

    I get ORA 01017.

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    Maybe username/password you use when logging to the application don't belong to an Oracle user (the one you create using CREATE USER statement), but represent an application user (and are, therefore, stored in one of the application tables).

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    Thanks Littlefoot but the users were created in exactly the same manner i.e., using an application.

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    Is the application expecting/using upper & lowercase usernames and/or passwords? Is the database expecting/using upper & lowercase usernames & passwords?
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    Check the TNSNAMES.ora file. If you have to use the port and SID information, I suspect that it is not in the file.
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