I have been working on building a database where i can put in ANY 2 zip codes into excel, and it will return the 5 shipping zones related to those zip codes.

Currently i have this setup in excel and due to the file size am really trying to push the raw data into a DB to help get the file working better.


I have attached a sample of what the zone charts look like..... what needs to happen is

from origin zip, it needs to find the range that the zip code appears in (range is between column Origin LB and Origin UB).
From Destination zip, it looks at columns Destination LB and Destination UB

then in excel, it would return what is in the zone columns.

(for example orgin zip 00499, destination zip 04899 would return zones, 4, 304, 204, 134, 104)

The zone chart itself is about 80,000 lines and 10 columns.

What is the best way to go about setting this up???

Please note, I am very new to DB programming. I am really not looking for somebody to do it for me... only to help guide/teach me. There will be a lot more to this file, and I think if I can get this part of it down, I should be able to figure out the rest.

Thanks in advance.