Hello there,
Occasionally, I write / run SQL queries to report on a few things. We are using MS SQL Server Mgmt Studio / SQL Server 2012.
I have the (bad) habit that I don't shut down my PC so the Studio is always running and I have 4-5 tabs / queries open.
Of course I make sure that I don't have any queries running. Usually my queries run a few seconds so there are no long-running queries involved.
In most tabs, the results are displayed and in some I just have some lines of code that I didn't even execute yet.
All queries are in the "sleeping" / "awaiting command" status.
Now some colleagues keep telling me that this would be bad for the performance of other jobs / queries and that they had to "cancel my tasks". But actually I don't have any tasks running...
I fail to understand why a few open tabs can be harmful to the performance of other jobs.
Sure, every open window takes some memory (maybe like a text editor) but since there are no queries running I shouldn't be wasting any CPU.
It'd be great if someone could clarify this for me.