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    Exclamation Unanswered: PHP + Dreamweaver to produce a product?

    Hi there! I have a huge database conundrum and because I am ignorant in this field I was hoping one of the experienced database masters on here would be able to help me out

    My problem is thus:

    I want to create a web page(or set of web pages) that take information from a form, upload it to a database, and then when all the data has been entered, I want it to organize the data into separate reports to print it.

    More specifically:

    I need to create a page that the students in my grade can access and enter their details in for a day called Sports Day, where each student plays in a different event based on which school team they're in. Then I need the system to be able to organize and produce a separate table(1 per page) for each gender of each year of each event, and display the first and last names of each student as well as which school team they're on(north, south, east and west are the options).

    My issue is that I have no SQL knowledge but I have to do this, so how will i go about it if i have to use dreamweaver CC to get it done?

    I'm desperate for help, so if you can't help me, but you know someone who can, can you give me their contact details?

    thank you

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    This should be a simple assignment, how well do you know PHP if you don't know MySQL?

    Have you laid you any of the pages / reports yet?

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    Dreamweaver + php

    I myself started on dreamweaver cs 6 , and later when i started php and then mysql i first had to learn about a usefull thing. There are tons of Youtube vids and other tutorials on what you are trying to do , but first get yourself a local server like xammp and go to the site settings in dreamweaver and set up a testing server with dreamweaver , place your files with the htdocs / WHATEVER YOU NAMED THE SITE FOLDER / and everytime you open dreamweaver it will go to that folder acting as a live server , you can test it by browser previewing some simple php script. Its not php friendly it doesnt have suggestions while typing like many other editors have.

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