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    Unanswered: Inline comment in VIEW Sql definition

    PostgreSQL does not allow to strore inline comments in view's SQL definition, because the CREATE VIEW statement is parsed, and then analyzed to see what table and other database objects are referenced, and then the analyzed parse-tree is saved.

    However in our application we have designed one process which uses the tags that we mention within comments as part of CREATE VIEW definition.
    Things were going on good in Oracle database as it stored inline comments also. During migration we are unable to port one of our functionality which have dependency on comments in View in Postgres it didn't save the comments.

    Do we have anyway to get the actual VIEW text in Postgres db.

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    Select v.* from information_schema.Views v
    where v.table_name = 'YourViewName' and v.table_schema= 'YourSchemaName'
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