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    Unanswered: remote access to mysql databse

    i am so lost ..

    i am working on thic c# application and using mysql workbench

    i need to access mydatabse remotely (3 computers access the databse that is located in another computer) in order to insert data.

    i have no idea how to do that , i tried (GRANT ALL ON *.* ...... ) but i get an error

    can you give me an idea how to start this ?

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    remote access

    i am trying to remotly access my adatabase (between 2 PC )
    i work with mysql workbench
    but i have no idea from what to start
    please help.

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    you need adminstrator rights on the remote server
    and if you are going to do this remotreely thiose rights must also have been granted to the remote IP address or ip range or workstation UNC

    assuming you can connect to the remote db using workbench and do have those rights then
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