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    Car Rental System - Conceptual design issues

    I have to design tables in 0NF for my project, I am required to design the tables in 0NF form first then proceed to normalization and then draw the ERD. However it has been a real challenge for me to obtain the 0NF forms of my tables, lots of time has been wasted trying to redesign so I thought of asking help from people who might be more experienced in database design.

    My database is of a Car Rental System. The system should keep records of customers,cars,employees, details of each rental and also the company is supposed to have multiple branches at different locations and each branch must have their own set of unique(identified by their license plate number) cars available.

    1. One customer can have multiple rental records(i.e. made a rental in January then another in March .e.t.c) but one rental record is related to only one customer
    2. A customer can book multiple cars in a single rental
    3. Each rental is made through a single booking agent(an employee)
    4. Employees is divided between Managers and booking agents. Each branch has a single manager but multiple booking agents.
    5. Each branch has multiple cars located there but each car can be located at a single branch

    So far, I've come up with these 0NF tables, they don't look correct to me though:

    Cars(CarID,LicensePlateNo,Make,Model,Year,Color,mi leage,Capacity,seats,Availability, Rate, BranchID,BranchLocation)

    Customer(CustomerID, FirstName,LastName, Address ,ContactNo,Gender,DOB,NIC,RentalID,DateRented,Rent alCost)

    Agent(AgentID,FirstName,LastName,Address,ContactNo ,Gender,DOB,NIC,MonthlyRentals,Salary,ManagerID,Ma nagerName,MangerLastName,ManagerAddress,ManagerCon tact,BranchID,BranchLocation)

    Rental(RentalID,DateRented,Duration,RentalCost,Dis count,AgentID,CarID,LicensePlateNo,Make,Model)

    Branch(BranchID,BranchName,BranchLocation,ContactN umber,ManagerID)

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    Hi cmeyvin

    This is draft of a

    Conceptual data model which should be of course improved for responding exactly to your needs

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	mcd.jpg 
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    Logical data model generated automatically from CDM
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	mpd.jpg 
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