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    Post Unanswered: Need help with very simple MySQL queries and applying foreign keys to single table

    Hi, so I'm interested in making a recommender system and after detailed scanning and scraping I came across this project (which instantly caught my interest):

    In here, if you jump straight to the end towards integrating 3 data tables(movies,user and reviews)

    [I have these tables in .csv format if anyone wishes to implement and test]

    I'm getting an error while executing the MySQL query #1 given on pg #52 of the report.

    I'm new here so didnt know which forum to put this question into, also since I'm new to MySQL if someone is genuinely interested with helping me out can reach me directly at too.

    Any and every form of help is truly appreciated!
    Thanks and hope you have a good day!

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    the query is?
    the table design is?
    the error message is?
    the sample data is?
    the desired results are?
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    On the Internet

    Search for "CSV to SQL" and then you can find this link
    When the file is too large to input you can change the ini files.
    If you use XAMPP you can change the "upload_max_filesize" to 8M for example in the php.ini file.

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