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    Unanswered: Very slow performance processing 40M+ records MySQL tables

    Hi guys,
    I am processing over 40M records on a MySQL database. The scenario is as follows:

    Given 2 tables with same structure containing over 40M price info records:

    Table 1

    product_id price date
    101 5.7 2016/1/1
    102 11.6 2016/1/1
    104 8 2016/1/1
    … … …
    Table 2

    product_id price date
    101 5.9 2016/1/2
    103 20.3 2016/1/2
    104 8 2016/1/2
    … … …
    I'm looking to find out how many product_id's exist on both tables and I'm using the below queries to search:

    SELECT count(*) FROM t1 a,t2 b where a.product_id=b.product_id ;

    SELECT count(*) FROM t1 a,t2 b on a.product_id=b.product_id ;

    It takes over half an hour to get the results, is there any way to improve the performance?

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    product_ID is indexed in both tables?
    don't knolw if it will make a difference but if all you want is the count of common prodcut ID's then narrowing the columns countred may make sense

    select count(a.product_ID),a.product_id from t1 as a
    join t2 as b on t1.product_id = t2.product_id
    group by a.product_id
    ..the group by may be optional if you dont' need unique product_id's or if the product_id is already unique
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    I would think an exists subselect might perform slightly better. I say this because not knowing your unique constraints I am guessing a particular product id could exist in both tables multiple times. Also, you are just wanting a count of product ids that exist in the other, not how many times it exists in both.
    So something along the lines of:
    SELECT count(*) FROM t1 a
    where exists (select 1 from t2 b
                       where a.product_id=b.product_id) ;

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    I would also index the product_id column on the table with fewer rows. If you don't have an index on the column, adding it should help performance quite a bit.

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