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    Unanswered: Numbers to text spanish

    Hello, can anyone please upload a sample with numbers to text function in spanish for Brilliant database? I tried the one in English from the developer, and changed names to spanish, but doesn't work as expected, I am not so brilliant. Thank you very much for any valuable help. Regards, Ernesto

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    I can modify the example posted on Brilliant Databases website, but given that my native language is English and I don't speak a word of Spanish, what I see on Google Translate makes no sense to me.

    If I translate the two of these....

    “one hundred”

    The conversion from English to Spanish are identical. If this is correct, then that makes no sense to me as an English speaking person as two words cannot be the same as one word, and it means it's not simply a matter of replacing the words in the example. The script would need to be modified to operate in accordance with your grammar.


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    Function VB numbers to text spanish

    Hello James,

    Thank you for your help. Some words are identical, some are different.
    I downloaded a function for Visual Basic and copied to a doc file that I attach. Here you can see all grammar. From 1-20 it is identical, from 21-29 changes, from 30 to 99 it is identical; 100 is different, 200,300,400,600,800 are identical; 500,700,900 are different; 1000 is different; 2000-999000 is identical, 1000000 is different; 2000000 to x million is similar. Hope you can have some time to check it.

    Best regards,

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