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    Unanswered: Sql database flagged as suspect

    We run SQL on a Win2K server. The database for an OOB product began to be flagged as 'suspect' a few days ago. The first couple of times we were able to stop/start MSSQL and the database would come back up. Today it wouldn't. In an attempt to repair the problem, I detatched the db. When I attempt to re-attach, I was getting the following message

    error 5101: Device activation error. The physical file name 'C:\%path to db%\db_log.LDF ' may be incorrect. Then I get db Attach failed.

    I resolved this by creating a new DB of the same name, stopping SQL and replacing the MDF with the corrupt file. I'm now back to 'suspect' on the DB in Enterprise Manager.

    When I run DBCC CHECKDB ('dbname', REPAIR_REBUILD) I get the response below:

    Server: Msg 945, Level 14, State 2, Line 1
    Database 'dbname' cannot be opened due to inaccessible files or insufficient memory or disk space. See the SQL Server errorlog for details.

    Any ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by perkinss View Post
    Any ideas?
    See the SQL Server errorlog for details.

    check for free space
    check what memory your server instance is using
    seems like the fault is being triggered by your log file
    it mkay men the log file needs modifying, either clearing out pending log events, making it bigger. but no doubt a SQL server expert woucl give you more details
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    Hi Perkinss,

    Solutions of your problem are given below:

    1) Add more hard drive space either by removing of unnecessary files from hard drive or add new hard drive with larger size.

    2) Check if the database is set to Autogrow on.

    3) Check if the account which is trying to access the database has enough permission to perform operation.

    4) Make sure that .mdf and .ldf file are not marked as read only on operating system file system level.

    read this post related to your issue:

    I will also suggest you a third-party tool which can you use as a last option to fix your SQL Server database. download the software from here:

    Good Luck!!

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    Error 945 is returned when the database is marked IsShutdown. This occurs when a database cannot be recovered due to missing files, or some other resource error that usually can be corrected easily.

    To fix this error, first determine the cause of the error by consulting the errorlog

    If log files are missing:
    >Make the files available and bring the database OFFLINE using ALTER DATABASE.
    >Use ALTER DATABASE to bring the database ONLINE

    If insufficient log space: Use sp_add_log_file_recover_suspect_db() to add another log file.

    If insufficient data space: Use sp_add_data_file_recover_suspect_db() to add another log file.

    If insufficient memory:
    >Retry the operation using ALTER DATABASE to bring the database OFFLINE.
    >Use ALTER DATABASE to bring the database ONLINE.


    If the above method fails to repair suspect data then you can use MDF Recovery Tool which allows users to repair corrupt or suspect database easily. For more information about the software, visit:
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