The Information Management (IM) department of the European Patent Office (EPO) has 450 staff working on IT and information processing, with a professional and proactive focus on supporting the EPO's different business processes.

Within IM, Principal Directorate Service Operations (PDSO) is responsible, through the Infrastructure and Operations directorate (I&O), for running the infrastructure supporting the application portfolio offered by IM. PDSO's Infrastructure and Software Engineering directorate (ISE) is in charge of the software component parts of the infrastructure.

The Platforms department within the Infrastructure and Software Engineering directorate is located between the Infrastructure department - storage, operating systems and virtualisation - and the Applications department. It has various teams that manage the EPO's technical, software-based infrastructure components in the following areas: application servers, antivirus & malware, cybersecurity, databases, identity and access management and messaging.

Within Platforms, the Database area is responsible for database system administration and database support on various platforms (DB2 LUW, DB2 on z/OS, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, MySQL and Oracle). Support is provided by staff and through a managed service contract. The team works on challenging database projects to support the patent granting process and prior-art search of the EPO as the world's leading patent office. This team is currently looking for a MongoDB database administrator.

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