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    Question Unanswered: escape characters in query result strings?

    I'm a SQL novice and this is perhaps an easy question but my search abilities have failed me. I have a table with text data in it that contains single quotes, slashes, and carriage returns plus line feeds. I'm trying to find a way to run a select statement such that the aforementioned characters are already escaped in the output. Example:

    select * from tableblah
    id story
    1 this can\'t be that hard!\r\nHow do you do it?

    Any ideas? I am completely limited to a select statement's return results - no output files, etc, as this query is being ran through a browser interface which returns the results (vBulletin interface).


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    You can use the replace function, but the select query is going to get very ugly very quickly:

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    Thanks for the idea! I can get it to work for a literal value, such as:

    select REPLACE( columnnamehere, '\'', '\\\'' ) from tableblah

    But when I try to use char(13) or char(10), it is not working:

    select REPLACE( columnnamehere, char(13), '\r' ) from tableblah

    Am I doing something wrong in that case? Also, I take it I can stack these, ie:

    select REPLACE( REPLACE( columnnamehere, char(13), '\r' ), '\'', '\\\'' ) from tableblah


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