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    Unanswered: Command Button not working properly

    I have an "Import Photo" Button in a Data Imput form in a Microsoft Access Data Base. I am getting an error message and I cannot work out what is wrong. The Button has been set up to import photos from the C: and put them back there after the information pertaining to the Photo had been entered. If I ignore the error message and input and save the data I can go the the search form and the photo is called up along with the data so that part is working fine. On the data input side, I keep getting the message "Run Time Error 76" and when I go to "Debug" it takes me to the line "VBA File Copy*********" I have attached a copy of the full Event Procedure. Can anyone tell what is wrong that is causing the error message.Command for Impoort Photo Button.pdf

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    Runtime 76 is 'path not found' apparently
    So its almost certainly a data error

    Chech the actual values NOT the vba code
    Make certain the path (s) exist
    And you have permissions to do tge file copy. It couldbe inadequate permission to write the file

    Please post the code that fails inside [code] tags. Closing tag should be [/code ] without the space.

    Put a breakpoint on the code and examine any / all relevant variables make sure all values are sane / reasonable
    As its a path error check the path is delimited from the filename
    Make certain the destination path exists. If its on a remote device make certain you use a fully qualified UNC eg //myserver/path/to/file.ext
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    Thank you. I will check it again.

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