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    Unanswered: Webbrowser Controls Don't Display Content


    Thank you very much in advance for trying to help me!

    Let's say i have a form called "FORM". Inside this form there is a tab control with many pages. Inside each of these pages of the tab control there is a webbrowser control and a subform. Lets say the pages are named like "PAGE 1" PAGE 2", etc. The subform of PAGE 1 is called "SUBFORM 1" and the webbrowser of PAGE 1 is called "BROWSER 1". The subform of PAGE 2 is called "SUBFORM 2" and the webbrowser of PAGE 2 is called "BROWSER 2". The "Default View" property of all the subforms are set to "Datasheet".

    When i'm in PAGE 1 and moving through the records of SUBFORM 1, BROWSER 1 opens (and displays) a different pdf for each record in SUBFORM 1. When i'm in PAGE 2 and moving through the records of SUBFORM 2, BROWSER 2 opens (and displays) a different pdf for each record in SUBFORM 2.

    Now let's say i'm in PAGE 1 and BROWSER 1 is displaying a specific pdf, let's say "PDF 195". When i move to PAGE 2 and move back to PAGE 1, the BROWSER 1 doesn't show any pdf at all anymore. I mean: it shows nothing. I need to have the pdf still displayed in PAGE 1 when i come back to it. The same probem occurs in all the pages of the tab control. I mean: when i move from any page to another page and move back to the original page, its webbrowser control displays nothing.

    Please help me to solve this problem. Thank you very much in advance!

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    if it displays a different PDF on each tab, then I'#d suggest instead of using a browser open a copy of your PDF reader. I don't knwo but Im guessing that the embedded browser takes actions to save memory. as a PDF is essentially static there is no need to re laod when the tab gets the focus (which is what I suspect the embedded browser is doing).

    the only fly in the ointment is that depending on which PDF reader you use you may have versioning issues. Im pretty certain that someone earlier reported problems with Acrobat, now its moved to a web deployment as it now stores the executable in a version specific file so any code you write to open the PDF reader can get out of date quite quickly. A way round that is to read the registry to find the current supported PDF reader and open that. However reading the registry can get some anti virus / anti malware monitors quite upset.
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    Hi Healdem

    Thank you very much for the reply.

    I created a button in each page. When a button is clicked, a macro runs to requery the web browser control of the page. So i still need to press a button, but it works. Also, i created a button to open the pdfs with the pdf reader outside microsoft access. So i have 2 ways of getting the pdfs.

    It's not the perfect solution, but it's good enough. Thank you!


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