Please bare with me, as this is my first post on this forum. (sorry I'm more of a SQL guy than an Oracle - but will try my best)

I've got a 10g oracle database on 32bit Linux that I'm planning on updating. the database size is ~130Gb with limited resources due to 32bit limitations. Approx. 100 concurrent users + daily reports etc.. my basic performance monitoring is telling me that box is getting hammered hard. with mem and CPU mostly maxed out.

I'm planning on building a new server with 64bit 12c so I can throw more resource at it.
My plan was to build a new server and log ship redo logs across every 15 mins to keep it up-to-date whilst testing..

First problem. the character on 32bit set is WE8ISO8859P1
There isn't an option on the 64 bit 12C (I think WE8ISO8859P15 was the closest match.) I guess I need to use this?

Second problem off the back of the first one:
Log shipping re-do logs. will the restore OK to a different character set database?

One site note: I don't use RMAN, I just have a collection of scripts for performing backups / restores and applying redo logs.

Thanks in advance.