Hi All

I wish to sum the data on display in my crystal report and not the suppressed data
I have used the field editor and suppressed tool in the repeated area and I have the below formula for the rows to be suppressed = {fieldname} = previous {fieldname}

I have read that if I use the running total and enter the opposite formula to subtotal then this will sum correctly. eg {fieldnmae}<> previous field-name.

However the first row is now not totaling as the previous will be null. As the report is sorted. This first row will always be a true value Is there a formula I can use to display this to sub total?

E.g if Previous {filedname} isnull or {fieldname} <> previous field-name. = sub total

The data looks something like below

Row No Value
0 20.00
0 20.00
1 25.00
2 10.00
3 7.50
4 5.00
4 5.00

If row no repeated than do no sub total or display

Many Thanks !!!!!