Hi all,

I wonder if you can help. Our SNP table is now upwards of 2,900,000 executed scenarios in our production environment, and we suspect that this is at least contributing to a slow odi client.

Load plans were never set to cleanse history which is why we now have this number of records and I now want to cleanse the snp tables but under strict conditions, i.e. I want to know everything that happened in the last 2 weeks, for 2 months earlier than this I want every error and the first instance of every procedure, and from then on just the errors. That's simple enough when referring to the SNP Session table, until I realised all of the PK FK relationships with the other SNP tables at which point my confidence on what I want to achieve failed. Note that I'm also backing up SNP tables daily, but I don't want the 3m records in the live snp table.

Has anyone already created a process to maintain SNP tables under certain conditions? Or can offer some advice? So far my online searches have returned nothing