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    Unanswered: physical and logical drive performance


    can you tell me if i configure 6 local disk as RAID10 and then cut 3 LUN's from it (data,log,tempdb) format them with 64K i will have the same performance as
    configure 6 local disk as RAID10 into one big disk and then inside the windows i split the disk into 3 partitions?


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    I can tell you that. Depending on your definition of "lying", I may or may not be telling you the truth.

    I would expect the two systems described (here, I am assuming both are formatted at 64K block size) will be within a few percent of each other. The major bottleneck for both systems described would be number of spindles.

    If you expect one of these partitions to have much more IO than the others, you may want to experiment with one 4 disk RAID 10, and one 2 disk RAID 1. It has been a long time since I tried to calculate IOps for a given RAID array.

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    so which of the two will give me better performance in IO assuming that both formated with 64K and RAID10 with 4 spindles?

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