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    Unanswered: Cost Budget: Resource Class and Expenditure Type

    Hi! Good day.

    I am working under the projects team for a construction company here in Dubai and we are new in this Oracle Fusion to be our system for all our transactions.
    I am now on this stage where I need to upload our Cost Budget based on our estimates of materials, manpower and equipment.

    Now, I just want to know the difference on reports of Creating the Budget based on Resource Class and based on Expenditure Types.
    We have 4 Resource Class (Material Items, Financial Charges, Equipment, and Labor) while we have more than 800+ Expenditure Types since we are a construction company. (Expenditure types were derived from over 13,000+ construction materials, labor, and equipment)

    It would be comfortable for our team (Projects) to use Resource Class since they are categorized only in 4 but our Accounts Department is using Expenditure Types in uploading invoices on the system.
    How will the reports match as I am using Resource Class in our Cost Budget while the Accounts Department uses Expenditure Types on their invoices upload.

    Please check on the below image for some additional information on how i uploaded our cost budgets. I made two versions, based on Resource Class and based on Expenditure Type.
    I cannot upload all items on our Cost Budget if I am using Expenditure Types since there are materials/items which Expenditure Types are not defined. This is the main reason why I wanted to upload this Cost Budget based on Resource Class since this is in general categories.

    Thank you.Click image for larger version. 

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    As it looks like an Expenditure Type can belong to only one Resource Class, why don't you allocate a Resource Class to each Expenditure Type? The Accounts Department can still upload their invoices as they do now but with one additional bit of info (i.e. the allocated Resource Class), and you can still produce your reports based on Resource class.
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