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    Design e-r diagram for small inventory system

    Hi, i am new to databases and i want to design a small database for medicines.
    I want to store medicines info(ATC_CODE, DRASTIC, FORM, CONTENT, PRICE, NAME)
    Also i will have users(username, password) to store the medicines.
    I want the database to record the input quantity of medicines, the output quantity of medicines, the date of in/out, and the username who made the in/out.
    Also of course i want to know the stock of each medicine.
    Can you suggest an e-r model for the above?

    Thank you in advance
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    While it might not be apparent at first, you also need regulatory approval to inventory drugs. This makes "roll your own" almost prohibitively expensive.

    I would recommend using GnuCash. It handles inventory well, and it comes ready to use.

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    Hi nnannos

    Is your thread closed or are you still looking for a advice?

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