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    Unanswered: Check the punctual time of login system


    So my system has following table

    Table: Student
    StudentName Text

    Table: Login
    StudentName Text
    LoginTime Date/Time (e.g. 5/5/2016 1.00 AM)
    Punctual Yes/No

    Table: Schedule
    StartTime Date/Time (1.00 AM)
    EndTime Date/Time (2.00 AM)

    What I am trying to do is comparing the LoginTime and StartTime schedule whether the student come on time e.g. within 5 minutes or not.
    I want some clue to starting with since I am new to Microsoft Access.
    Thank You

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    use the datetime functions to do date maths

    Bear in mind that to Access a date, a datetime and a time value should be stored in a datetime column.
    if you don't specify a time then its presumed to be midnight
    if you dont' specify a date then its presumed to be the first day of the Access calendar, which IIRC is 31/12/1899

    so your base problem is how to strip out the date component of the actual login so you can then use the datediff function
    or you could add the date to the schedule start / end times.
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