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    Unanswered: Connect MySQL to another DBMS via ODBC

    Hi guys,

    Is it possible to connect MySQL to Advantage Database System (ADS) via ODBC? I do have an ADS ODBC configured which I can query in Excel, but how can I manage to create views in MySQL using this ODBC?

    My project consist of making one solution (Filemaker) to query a ADS DB. Filemaker only support a limited set of ODBC technologies which are Oracle, MS SQL and MySQL. So my workaround is to wrap the ADS solution under a MySQL database. I know this would be slow, but speed is not an issue.

    I tried to search the web, but no luck. Maybe I'm not using the right searching terms.

    Thanks for helping

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    Presumablyyoud be better off asking this question on a filemaker forum...
    ...or perhaps use an ODBC compliant db with deivers for the front end software you use
    ...or perhaps get a better db front end tool that does support ODBC standards more comprehensively.

    Its not as if ODBC us a new or emerging standard
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