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    Unanswered: connexions hanging for a moement than released

    Hi, we have from time to time at random a hanging connexions with our Informix 11.70 C5 database, in fact we can"t sometimes access the database even from the server with "dbaccess mydbname", the telnet ont the port works well, the ping is also working but sometime block the connexions sometime for 1 mn and sometimes for more than that , in the online.log we finf at the moement of the hanging these lines:
    Unable to initiate asynchronous read operation
    09:31 AM listener-thread: err =-25580: oserr = 64: errstr =: System error occurred in network function.
    System error = 64.

    and suddenly it(s relaesed and than the dbacces to database work and the clients starts working.

    is that an attack ?
    here is my config for connexions: (I can reach 4000 concurent connexion)
    NETTYPE soctcp,4,200,CPU
    NS_CACHE host=900,service=900,user=900,group=900

    I suspected the Io long (checkpoints) but it seems sometimes we have a juste a little ckpt at the hanging time.

    plz could you advice for the best setting to avoid the problem, and how can I analyse this phenomena

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    which OS are you using?
    Are you using cooked files or raw devices for your chunks?
    What is you DIRECT_IO-Setting in the $ONCONFIG and
    have you been setting either KAIOON or KAIOOFF when starting the instance?

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