I'm in the process of moving my backend database to a MariaDB MySql backend and i ran into a little trouble. I have all the ODBC connections setup on my local computer and finally got my database tweaked to work with MySql. I moved over to another computer and setup the ODBC connections in the ODBC manager but when i open my database and open a form that accesses the tables in the SQL database i get an "ODBC--call failed" error. The other computer doesn't run a full version of access, only the runtime version. I was assuming this was why i was getting the error, so i did a little troubleshooting. I installed the full version of access 2013 and when i opened the database it again failed with the same error. I ran the linked table manager and refreshed the links and everything started working as it should. I don't want to have to run to each computer, install the full version of access, and refresh the links for every database i install. All i should have to do is setup the connections in the ODBC manager copy the database to the connected computer and up and running, right?

Of course as i'm writing this post i forget what the error is so i go out to another different computer get the ODBC connection setup as i did before, copy the database over to the connected computer, and everthing works. I have no idea what i did to fix this. The only thing i may have done is when i last re-ran the linked table manager on my local computer i told the linked table manager to save the password, which i know is a little of a security risk, but this database is not sensitive so i'm not concerned. If you can wade through the yammering maybe you can tell me what i did wrong or what is the right way to go about this.