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    Unanswered: Runtime error 2770

    I'm getting a runtime error 2770. My code was fine and during an end user use of a form the error appeared. States the ole object referenced is not an ole object. I've done some research and have not come up with a solution. Further running through the code line by line I get the error 2447; the dot . Or ! Bang operator is not recognized. Any ideas?

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    what is your ole? are you using photos in an image box?

    otherwise its trying to use something not yet created, like a variable for a combo box, but you never assigned the variable.
    try to trap the error and see what line it stops on.

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    the . & ! operators have a slightly subtle difference between them

    if the fault is on another machine or on another users account it could be the OLE component is available on that machine or that account

    however runtime 2447 usually suggests an invalid separator, and that's code specific. so unless you can post the code its hard to say

    it may be that you have to do a reinstall of Access on the affected machine(s)
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