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    Unanswered: Can't corrupted DBF data.

    Need good DBF reader.
    As i said before, i cant open a DBF file.
    I have a base on a flash card, then i have some problems with trojan and intivirus started check my card.
    And after all this, i copied base and it have stoped working.

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    It sounds as though you have 2 different problems to resolve.

    1. Corrupted DBF file
    Before you try to Read the file you will need to Fix it so that it is no longer Corrupted.
    It depends on what the nature of the Corruption might be.
    If the file is infected with a Virus, then you might be out of luck.
    However if the corruption is Not a Virus, but instead is a file Header corruption or something like that, then there are 3rd party tools to use to try to resolve the problem.
    A Google Search for: fixdbf will turn up a number of possible applications.
    NOTE - do an initial Test on a COPY of your DBF file to see if it works or not.

    2. Read the DBF file
    Now that you have a Fixed DBF file, a Google Search for: dbf viewer turns up a number of 3rd party tools which can Read a non-corrupted DBF file.
    Additionally many OLD DBF files may be opened by Excel 2003 or older, not newer versions.

    Good Luck

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    If file IS a 'normal' .DBF, then I've never heard of such a file getting a 'virus', so it's more likely to be some corruption, maybe just in the header.

    If I had the file to investigate, I could prob spot the error. Just the first few kb of the file might be enough, plus some info as to the overall size of the file (i.e. number of recs, or even size of the file in bytes assuming the header will reveal general rec. structure etc).

    It might also be a help to indicate which .DBF system you're using, i.e. Clipper, Fox, etc.


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    You may use one of the online services for this...

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