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    Unanswered: Have you ever used any mobile database app?

    Hello everyone,

    I just wanted to ask if anyone of you have ever used any mobile database app like HandBase, Memento or MobiDB? Is there any app that can handle complex databases on tablets?

    I tried the above apps, they look promising. But may be there are any other solutions I need to consider?

    Thank you in advance.


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    I've used HanDbase on Windows CE and a Forth library to communicate with SQL Server on a Palm. I had better luck with the Forth library, for many reasons.

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    I would never recommend anything that involves a version of Windows on a mobile environment. That OS is much too quickly being abandoned by the mobile marketplace.

    Is there any app that can handle complex databases on tablets?

    Well it depends on what you mean by complex

    I have been using SQLite with the Android Apps I have been developing.

    Obviously it is not an 'app' that is handling the database. Instead it is the fact that I develop the app specifically to USE the database. However these apps have not needed much in the way of true complexity.

    If you wanted to investigate this approach to see if it would handle the 'complexities' that you envision, you might want to do a Google Search for: android sqlite limitations

    On a more complex level both the Android apps and the IPhone apps that I have been working on primarily use 'backend' databases for the more 'complex' requirements of the app.
    The app itself, within the mobile device, works basically as a 'front-end' enabling the user to enter data, and then display the database's table results after collecting the real data from the 'backend' server via web-service calls.

    In that way, the 'backend' server database can be almost anything you want (M$ SQLServer, Oracle, MySQL, whatever) and should be able to handle any level of complexity since it, and/or the web-service itself, will 'do the complex work' and then return the results to the mobile device app.

    Good Luck

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