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    Unanswered: Master & Detail Form data comparison (detail form input validation)

    HI All,

    I have created a Master/detail form for user input data, there is a quantity field in both master and detail form.
    I have to ensure the sum of the quantity field in the detail form is not allow to large than the master quantity field.

    For example, A record in the master form have quantity 5.

    When user insert a new record in A detail record and the quantity is 1, then it's ok because its less than 5.
    When user insert another new record in A detail record and the quantity is 5, then it's not allow because the sum of the detail record is large than 5.

    I have already create a sum of quantity in the master form to get the sum in detail form.
    when i try to use follow rule, the system prompt that its invalid.


    Thank very much if anyone can give me some hints!

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    The problem is solved.
    Sorry, I found a typing mistake on the validation rule.

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