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    Unanswered: Adding Excel data to existing Access database records

    I have an existing Access database that tracks contract numbers for our company. We recently converted this information from Excel to Access, however now that the conversion is complete we have found some additional Excel data that pertains to numerous existing Access records. Is there a way to merge this additional contract information into the existing Access records for these contracts without adding or creating duplicate records? This has unfortunately been dropped in my lap and I am the newbie to Access so any help or advise you can provide I will be extremely grateful for.


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    attach the external excel files as a table, xlData
    join the xlDAta to internal tDAta table on common fields that make the record unique: client, part#

    this query will show what data exists you already have,
    now change the query to an OUTER join, to see what has not been imported.
    do this by dbl-clicking on the join lines , set the join = all records in xlData , some in tData
    bring down into the query grid, client & part from BOTH tables
    under the local table tData.Client and Part#, put NULL in the criteria.

    this says show me all items missing in the local tData table. Save this query as qsMissingItems
    now make an append query ,using the above qsMissingItems to add them to the main table tData.

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