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    Unanswered: Informix Error 229

    I am running Informix 11 and receiving error 229 "Could not open or create a temporary file."

    I do not receive any ISAM error (not sure why this is).

    I made sure I do not have any space issues (and no permission issues I could see, but I am the first to admit that I am not a DBA). What is odd is that this was only affecting queries that involved creating temp tables but has grown to include statements that were working before and don't use temp tables at all (although they do group by more than 4 columns).

    Attached is the onstat output. I am at a loss for what to check next. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!Click image for larger version. 

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    was the onstat output generated when the problem occured or afterwards?
    Anyway, please check that you have "cvp_temp_dbspace" entered in your onconfig under DBSPACETEMP (you will need to restart the database server to make the change happen).
    Otherwise you may be receiving this error because the server will default to DBTEMP (which may be c:\temp or %TEMP%, not sure, I am no windows informix), see "onstat -g env".
    Depending on what exactly you are doing, the temp table may also be generated in the dbspace where the database resides or the rootdbs. Maybe you can elaborate on that a little more.
    By the way, you are using 10.00.TC10, not Version 11.

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    did you check the informix log file? It might contain additional information. Very weird that you don't have an ISAM error. There should be one always in this case.

    As wowbagger says, you are in release 10. This release is about 10 years old, and Technical support from IBM will not be possible. You should upgrade to 12.10, which has many interesting functionality, and you can benefit from technical support too.

    Check here

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    Thank you begooden-it for this.

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