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    Lightbulb Attempting to design DB for process flow...

    Hi All,

    I am working in R&D for a group that has been using Excel to store and manually summarize (pivot table is impossible for our process) hundreds of rows and columns of data in Excel. I am attempting to build a database for future projects using Access, because that is what we have installed on the company computers. I have minimal DB experience, but more than any of my colleagues, and want to build my knowledge of database systems and admin.

    Right now I am trying to make sure that a DB is even possible for our process. To create our product, we have a multi-step process. Each process step has input data (settings) and output data, and produces at least one part that has an identifying number (we'll call a part number). I am not sure what to call the relationships between the process steps... the process simply: Step 1 --> Step 2 --> Step 3 --> ... --> Step n.
    -Each step has >= 1 part no.
    -A single upstream part number can be related to a single downstream part number OR multiple upstream part numbers can be related to a single downstream part number OR a single upstream part number can be related to multiple down stream part numbers. (Can I call these 1:1, 1:M, M:1, and M:N relationships?)

    First draft of an ER diagram. Steps 3 and 4 both feed into Step 5. Is there a better way to represent this?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Can I create one table for each part in the process? What do I name the relationships between the process steps? Step 1 begets Step 2 begets Step 3...? Perhaps creating a relational database is not the best method?

    Hitting the books to attempt some ER diagrams for now.

    Any advice is welcome. Thank you.
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    Hi chicken

    Could you upload your PDM (phisical Data Model) or better still your CDM (conceptual Data Model)?

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