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    Unanswered: How to disable Access Prompt when a record is changed

    How do you implement this code "DoCmd.SetWarnings False" in order to shut off the access prompts/warnings in MS Access 2010?
    You use the VBA do accomplish this right?

    I did go to / access options - advanced - confirm / and uncheck those boxes there, however, it did not have any effect on anything.

    Does anybody have another method of doing this?

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    Can I just shut off this warnings for a specific form? Would I go to VBA and to the form I want to change and go to insert module or insert procedure? How would I specifically input the code into the VBA?

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    the normal way to use the set warnings macro is to turn warnings off, do whatever it is that was throwing the warnings, then turn 'em back on
    turn 'em off in perpetuity in the form / report but harden your code so that it is fault tolerant ie instead of warning take appropriate action

    but be warned turning off warnings isn't the panacea many think it is. having turned warnings off your code can become like a sullen teenager, sit there and do nothing, not tell you anything and and not responding.
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