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    Unanswered: SQLCODE -206/DB2 using column names for INSERT

    SQLADD = 'Insert into LIBNAME/FILENAME ' +
    (FIELDB1, FIELDB2) +
    values (FIELDA1, +
    Execute immediate 'colon'SQLADD;

    SQLCODE = -206 (columns not in specified table) SQLSTATE = 42703. If I put COLONS in front of FIELD1A and FIELDA2, SQLCODE = -312 (host variable not usable).

    The file containing FIELDA1 and FIELDA2 was READE in a previous subroutine and both have values - ran source in DEBUG and both fields have their expected values.

    Is this a case where column names are not allowed in the SQLADD statement? If so, what is the work around? I have also tried putting the FIELDA1 and FIELDA2 values into variables and use the variable names in the values clause --- same error, SQLCODE -206.

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    Statement should look like this:

    SET SQLADD = 'insert into tabschema.tabname (field1,field2) values (' || field_a_1 ||','|| field_a_2 ||')'


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