Hey Guys,

I've built databases in MS access before but I'm A little rusty and haven't done much work in MS Access in the last 4-5 years but I remember a good amount. I've already broken up the information I'm storing into a few different tables all joined by a primary key & one-to-one relationship. Now I've built the form and am able to tab through it to store new records. This is great when adding a new record but the features I'm trying to build into this a 2nd form that by putting in the date of birth, or an id #, or there name will bring up all of the information that was entered when making the new record. So my goal is for the form on top to populate as read only with all the info previously entered; while on the bottom of the form it will have a box for notes so that once someone brings up the record it will display previous notes but all have atext box on bottom to type newer/updated notes that when finished will then be added to the previous notes. The database isn't very complicated but to get it up and running in what I consider bare minimum functionality would need the ability to add new records which I've done; but also be able to search by certain fields that will display the corresponding stored info.

Let me know any tips or ideas you guys have for setting this up. The are i'm the most rusty is in the sql, vba, and some info on query setup.