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    Unanswered: Querying Arabic Text

    I am using MS Access 2013 as a front end to retrieve data from a database (SQL Server 2008 R2) via (ODBC).
    I am using Access forms to insert, update, delete and retrieve data from the database tables in both English and Arabic languages by using datatype (nvarchar) for the text fields.
    Everything is going well except filtering Arabic text data. For example; when I try to filter data in the form contains Arabic text like (خدمة), it does not work and it retrieves nothing. The filter works properly for numbers, dates and English texts, but it does not work for Arabic text.

    I tried in the query part by creating some queries, for example:
    select * from categories where name like '*خدمة *';
    Unfortunately, it does not work also.

    I appreciate if you can help me to solve this problem.


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    I'm going to guess that the control you're using to enter the filter text does not support Unicode. English text and numbers can be represented (and filtered) using OEM (aka 8-bit) characters. Arabic text requires Unicode (16 bit) characters or UTF encoding.

    Too much depends on what version and edition of Microsoft Access you're using. I'm not good enough with Access to know which versions support what features, but the simplest answer is to upgrade to a version that does support Unicode filters. I know for sure that the Microsoft Access 2016 Enterprise 64 bit Version supports Unicode filters, and I'm sure that other Version/Edition pairs also support Unicode.

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