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    Unanswered: DB2 Express-C 11.1 OS Compatibility

    I presently run DB2 Express-C 10.5.4 on Windows 7 SP1. Microsoft keeps nagging me for the free upgrade to Windows 10 Pro which is only now available until Jul29. I have tried to find anything relating to IBM's support of Windows 10 as an OS but have been unable to find anything of use. Until now. I also note that the Express-C version has been updated to 11.1.!

    This page shows Windows 10 Enterprise as a supported OS, but has no mention of Windows 10 Pro, nor does it mention Express-C as a product version. Sadly I only have one single PC so I am loathe to simply upgrade either the OS or DB2 and hope for the best.

    My question I guess is has anyone actually successfully run DB2 Express-C 10.5 (or 11.1) on Windows 10 Professional, and if so have you had any issues I should be aware of ?

    Thanks for any advice.

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    The paid support channels of IBM won't support DB2 v10 on Win10 (i.e. the DB2 version has to be V11.1 or higher).

    I understand that the reason IBM mentions support for server versions of MS-Windows relates to Microsoft licencing terms (number of incoming concurrent TCP connections).

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    I didn't installed Express-C 11.1 on win 10 pro, only Server version.
    It seems that it works normal, but I haven't stress tested it.
    The only problem was that installer threw some error during the instance creation complaining on inability to start some partitioned db2 service (don't remember the name of this service correctly, probable it was DB2 remote command service)
    Here is the installation log entires:
    Action 16:33:00: DB2CustomAction. Configuring DB2 instances
    1: ERROR:The creation of the process for the partitioned instance failed. Return
    value is "4294965337".
    1: "E:\Programs\IBM\SQLLIB\BIN\DB2ICRT.EXE" DB2 -s ese "/u:db2admin,********" /r:60000,60005
    1: ERROR:An error occurred while configuring the instance "DB2".
    But I was able to manually create such an instance without specifying these DB2 FCM ports.

    Express-C shouldn't have some specific requirements. I mean if Server works, Express-C should work too.

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    I agree. I'm pretty sure it will work on Pro and Server. The docs for Express-C are sometimes less than ideal.

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