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    Unanswered: Build activation or registration Form

    Hello DB's

    I'm using ms access to build applications

    And i want to make a
    Activation license Form
    When app start for first use only

    Just like any windows apps , that requires serial number for activation

    And that serial generated from activation ID that in the same form
    ( Text box , generated numbers and letters not let anyone steal my app)

    I want to make serials depends on that Activation ID .

    Lets say i want to sell app with a yearly license

    Every year it requires a serial!!!

    And this serial can't work except the activation id uniquely for this pc

    A activation id related to pc components numbers

    Like retrieving HardDisk serial or motherboard serial ( to prevent using same serial in another PC

    And for me as a developer
    Need a db or form to just enter the activation ID and provide me with serial to give it to them

    Any ideas!!!!

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    the best way is to use a web hosting solution.
    You create a mySql database and every time the application is launched, query this web data base before its opening

    Here a part of solution
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